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Today Rawafed ALTorok contracting is one of the leading entity in the contracting field in the public and privet sector of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Historically, when it was founded in 1425 Hijri (2004), it has begun growing steadily in the field of construction projects due to its commitment in selection elements.

Furthermore, we have nominated engineering competencies, technical and administrative that support core business with experience skilled labors to achieve our desired goals. In addition to this, the company has successfully built up its fleet from the latest modern equipment technologies that have been made in this field.

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Our Activities

Our Achievements

Rawafed Al Torok contracting keens to improve and progress to the best level. Otherwise, it is adhered to the spirit of fair competition with the largest private sector contracting. Following is a list of major projects which are still under executing where the projects under execution cost 4,000,000,000 Four Billions.

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8 Management Principles

A balance, response, and maintain between customer's present and future needs.

Create Unity of purpose and leaders at different levels to draw EST. direction.

Their involvement enable their abilities to be utilized and for the benefit of the EST.

Desired results are achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as a process.

Manage interrelated processes as a system contributes directly to the establishment's effectiveness and efficiencies for achieving its objectives.

Should be permanent objective to improve overall performance.

Effective deisions are based on the analysis of reliable data and information at the required times. They're utilized to prepare plans, market analysis, oppurtunities trends and process improvements.

The EST and its suppliers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship to enhances their abilities and create value.

Pursuit Excellence in all fields ... We are available at all times.

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Our group brings together the innovative capabilities and expert knowledge of highly specialised companies.

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